• Adventure Series 2015
    Adventure Series 2015
    The new GEOBIKE „Adventure Series 2015”  collection have won the award in technological innovation category at Bike Expo 2014 fair which took place in Kielce. The jury appreciated modern design and high capacity batteries which are integrated in frame, this results in stunning 120 km range on battery support.
  • For hotels, holiday resorts, rental bikes ... and more

    Do you want to make stay to your guests more attractive or  attract new customers to your hotel, guest house, holiday resort or spa? We invite you to cooperation. Electric bikes GEOBIKE can help you with this.

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    Geobike  is a  new brand on  Polish  market. We have started to build partners chain of sales points. To have one  partner who builds local market in each bigger  polish city it is  our idea. We are inviting for the cooperation among  others  bike  shops, sports shops as well as  car dealers :)  We are also interested  in  this way of selling  for  markets outside  of Poland. If you are interested in let us know.


    If you bought any  model of  Geobike  share with us your feelings!   If you  have any funny or  interesting   stories or photos from your ride  put them on our blog. Show  others  that ride on our electric bike is a real fun.

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GEOBIKE is a brand dedicated only to electric bicycles. Based on many years of European markets experience we have planned the collection of six different models for this year sale . There is a classic urban bike GEOBIKE City, strong touring bike GEOBIKE Nordkapp , a small portable folding bike GEOBIKE Smart, stylish GEOBIKE Perfect in two models - the basic Geobike Perfect designed primarily for rental companies and for hotels, and Geobike Perfect + equipped with the best equipment and powerful battery. However the biggest hit of the season should be GEOBIKE Monster. This is the most original e-bike in our collection styled in a retro style reminiscent of American cruisers. Read more »

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    Riding  on an electric  bike is a great fun and new experience. Try it  ...... you'll  love it.


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    There is nothing better than  launch the motor during ride up the hill and just show the back to all rest.


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    I thought I would never again  be able to go for a ride. Thanks to e-bike I forgot about my sick knees.


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    Laid-back by my e- bike to lectures - almost never  late :-) I do not pass up even in the winter.


For who is an E-Bike for ?

For who is an E-Bike for? The answer is simple. For ANYONE. For young and old. For ambitious professionals and recreational cyclists. For backpackers and those who like trips to the park or to the city.


Cycling for healthy life & good shape

Cycling for healthy life and good shape There is almost no difference between a traditional and an electric bike at first glance. However if you look closer you will be able to notice three main differences.


How does an electric bike work ?

How does an electric bike work?There is almost no difference between a traditional and an electric bike at first glance. However if you look closer you will be able to notice three main differences.



    Model CABO DA ROCA

    It's tourist bike on a 28 inch wheels.

  • Model Smart

    Geobike Model Smart

    Model Smart is a very functional folding bike designed for all those who like to travel or sail and always want to have a  bike on hand to ride wherever they are.

  • Model Perfect +

    Model Perfect +

    Model Perfect is perhaps the coolest bike of the season. Elegance, style and comfort are the main features. Additionally it has  the best  equipment and high  - capacity battery.

  • Model Perfect

    Model Perfect

    Model Perfect is a blend of functionality with elegance and style. 24 inch wheels used in combination with the low frame makes ride extremely easy and safe. Low weight of 19 kg is also one of advantages of this model

  • Model Monster

    Model Monster

    Geobike Monster is the most original e-bike in the collection. The one and only such an electric cruiser.

  • Model Nordkapp

    Geobike Model Nordkapp

    The Nordkapp name obliges. For all who would like to travel longer distances than they used to ride on a regular bike - Geobike Nordkapp is a fantastic option.

  • Model City

    Model City

    Model City is a beautifully designed modern bike with a classic shape and elegant finish. Perfect for foray to the city, getting to work or classes at school or university.



    It's a male tourist bike on a 28 inch wheels.

  • Model MTB

    Model MTB

    Meets the highest requirements that can be put against this type equipment.


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GEOBIKE Promotional video

We just finished our promotional movie showing our e-bikes in action. You must see it !!!    In the movie we wanted to show how pleasant and exciting can be riding on e-bike to work. The film was made in Szczecin Poland by KerryMedia studio.

Brand new Geobike models on season 2013

To our offer of three GEOBIKE models: Smart, City and Nordkapp we added next: GEOBIKE Perfect and Perfect+.  Basic model Geobike Perfrect is made especially for rental companies and for  hotels.  While Geobike  "Perfect+" is equipped with the best accessories and  efficient battery of the great capacity. However the greatest  hit  may  become stylized on  the American Cruiser -  GEOBIKE Monster - the only such an electric bike on the market, on sale since mid-June

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