GEOBIKE is a leading, innovative Polish manufacturer of electric bicycles. The company is located in Szczecin as well as the main warehouse, service centre and one of GEOBIKE showrooms. 

GEOBIKE electric bicycles are manufactured under requirements  of ISO 9000 quality control system. E-bikes produced by GEOBIKE are available almost in many European countries.

Distribution of GEOBIKE electric bicycles  is conducted through Flag Stores in Poland and through the network  of Sale Partners in other countries.

GEOBIKE collection for 2017 year consists of more than 20 different models of electric bicycles. From folding bicycles, through different size of city, trekking, road bikes and mountain fat tyre bikes to fully suspended innovative carbon frame electric bikes for off road usage, equipped with high capacity batteries and powerful motors (from 800 to 3000 W).

GEOBIKE electric bikes are covered by a 24 month warranty, comply with all requirements of road traffic acts and the European standard for electric bikes EN15194.



Contact Us


Mickiewicza 21
70-383 Szczecin, Poland

+48 91 42 34 222

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Geobike Electric Bikes