Cycling for healthy life and good shape

Could riding on an electric bike be a solution for active, wanting good shape , fitness and to lose weight for example? To answer this question we need to refute a myth promoted mainly by those who have never been on a bike like this ridden. If riding an electric bike is just  swanking or a specific activity affecting our good condition. Remember that even using electric support do  not eliminate totally a need to use the strength of our muscles. Additional support operates at the level of 20 to 50% of the needed power to cycling depending on the settings on the controller.

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How does an electric bike work?

There is almost no difference between a traditional and an electric bike at first glance. However if  you  look closer you will be able to  notice  three main differences.   These are:  motor,  battery and  controller.  As a result  of cooperation between these three elements an  electric bike is moving quietly and without unnecessary effort.

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For who is an E-Bike for?

The answer  is simple. For ANYONE.  For young and old. For ambitious professionals and  recreational cyclists. For backpackers and those who like trips to the park or to the city. For off road riders and those how likes flat, wide roads. For healthy and sick. For  thrifty and ecological. What else to say ... Electric bikes offer new opportunities for those who already stop to ride a bike for  various reasons such as an injury or steep driveways.


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Why to choose an E-Bike?

Why to choose an  E-Bike?

An electric bikes  has a lot  of  advantages. Here  you have 10 main reasons why to choose  this. The order is random  decide  yourself what is the most important to you.

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For hotels, holiday resorts, rental bikes ... and more

Do you want to make staying  become more attractive for your guests or  attract new customers to your hotel, guest house, holiday resort or spa? We invite you to cooperation. GEOBIKE electric bikes  can help you  to achieve this.

E-bikes make that yours place will be  more attractive  on increasingly competitive market for services!  Remember it our  e-bikes may help to  decide  the customer to choose exactly YOU. We are going to  offer special types of  GEOBIKE dedicated to  urban lending  early as next year

Geobike Smart

We have good news for all who wants to set up  electric bike rental that operates on whole city and most of all  hotels and guest house in  area. Soon we will present a comprehensive program to support e-bikes rental with the possibility of booking via the Internet by individual customers as well as hotels for its guests.


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