Why to choose an E-Bike?

10 reasons why  to choose an electric bike The order is random  decide  yourself what is the most important to you.

1Bypassing the traffic jams! Electric bike lets you to get much  faster wherever you want - to work, school, to friends or shopping! In peak you do not lose your temper in traffic jam as a drivers do. Quantity of bicycle path increase every year..

2Saving the  money! Cycling  an electric bike is much cheaper than using a car. Every 100km traveled  by a car cost you  about 50 PLN and  for the  same distance  by e-bike  you'll pay only 1zł.  An electric bike does not  need  to be registered or insure. Furthermore cost of fuel continues to grow up  ...

3Easy parking! An electric bicycle can be  parked free of charge anywhere in the city just like a traditional bicycle.  A garage is also not to  require for storage ,a traditional cellar, corridor or balcony is sufficient.

4The comfort of exploitation! Quickly forget about finding a gas station! When the battery is dead, you can recharge it anywhere with access to electricity!

5Being Eco! Using  an electric vehicle you  are protecting the environment! You help to  reduce of emissions of harmful exhaust fumes in your city! No other vehicle is as eco-friendly like an electric bike!!

6Healthy living ! Cycling and often staying on fresh air keeps you more  health and improve your physical fitness!


Why to choose an  E-Bike?


7End of excessive effort! You look like the owner of an air-conditioned limousine when  riding  to school,    work or  anywhere you want to  even at the highest  heat. Always feel comfortable and after  ride you do not have to change a  dress.

8Rehabilitation! Ridding  with an extra support  is wonderfully helpful for cardiac problems, diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It can be an effective treatment in the recovery period after orthopedic surgery or cardiac events.

9Highlands without limits! Good e-bike effectively flattens hills. A slight pedaling to support the engine let defeat a large hill  easily. The feeling is wonderful

10Better shape! Studies in other countries have shown that we use an electric bike several times more often than a  traditional cyclist. Riding on e-bike improve your fitness. Light but frequent exercise are always healthier than those strenuous but occasional.

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