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Frame Aluminium 20"
Suspension RST NEON-ML
Tires Schwalbe Marathon Plus 28"
Brakes V-break
Engine 250 W (BLDC)
Controller Kingmeter LCD - 5 speed
Battery Samsung 2900 36V 11,6Ah
Weight 24,7 Kg
Range 80 - 120 km
Charging time 4  hours


GEOBIKE FINISTERRE it's a male tourist bike on a 28 inch wheels. Its version with lowered frame enable easy getting on a bike, (which is especially important for women or the elderly) is named CABO da ROCA. High capacity battery and large riding range up to 120 km without turning off support predispose these bikes to overcome long routes during holiday or weekend trips out of town without getting tired.
Good brakes, comfortable saddle, 5-step electric support system cause these bikes are not afraid of any routes. These strong advantages also perfectly suited for city traffic. Because of large range of battery we do not have to remember to charge it every day. Full fenders, chain guard and hermetically designed electrical components makes these bikes perfect in all weather conditions. It is really important especially for those who commute every day. The way we disassemble battery from the frame at the time of leaving it makes bike looks incomplete and therefore unattractive to thieves.
ADVENTURE series bikes are the most technologically advanced e-bike manufactured by GEOBIKE.

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