Model Perfect

Model Perfect



25km 250W 40 - 60 km 19 kg 66 - 90 Ah

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Frame /wheels:                                Aluminum / 24 inch

Gear:                                                Shimano Nexus 3 Rear Hub

Tires:                                               Kenda

Brakes:                                           Front - V-Brake,

              Rear - Shimano Roller brake

Motor:                                            8 FUN 250W (brushless)

Controller:                                     Kingmeter LED/LCD

Battery:                                         Lithium- Ion 36 V 6,6 Ah SONY

Battery weight:                             1,9 kg
Bike weight:                                 19 kg
Range:                                          40-60 km

Charging time:                             4 -6 hours

Model Perfect is ideal for urban rides, seaside boulevards and forest paths.


Upright position when riding ensures extremely comfort. Your spine finally rest.  Basic Perfect has  an  eye-catching blue matt color, is equipped with a 3 speed Shimano Nexus gears, 6.6 Ah battery and 3 power modes LED controller mounted on handlebar. Front and rear lights with switch on/off  on the handlebar. Rack and a special elastic band for fixing on the rack completes the elegant look.

Perfect as one of the few electric bikes on the market has 24 inch wheels which in combination with the low frame makes the ride, getting on and stopping  very safe and comfortable.

For this reason is a good choice  for less skilled cyclists and for hotel rental companies for example..


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