Cycling for healthy life and good shape?

Cycling for healthy life and good shape? Cycling for a good shape

Could riding on an electric bike be a solution for active, wanting good shape, fitness and to lose weight for example? To answer this question we need to refute a myth promoted mainly by those who have never been ridden on an electric bike. If riding an electric bike is just swanking or a specific activity affecting our good condition. Remember that even using electric support do not eliminate totally a need to use the strength of our muscles. Additional support operates at the level of 20 to 50% of the needed power to cycling depending on the settings on the controller. This means that our effort on a bike is smaller, regular and without overloading on uphill. Such an effort causes that our body is working in the pulse characteristic's to the scope of oxidative stability so that the heart and lungs are able to supply the muscles with the sufficiency of the oxygen needed for the burn in order to generate the energy needed to move the bike. Overload so characteristic to a riding on traditional bicycle cause the limited oxygen supply to the muscle that is the reason of shortness of breath while driving and also release of lactic acid in the muscles of the rider causing so-called soreness, this pain we can feel in our muscles even long after the ride.
Each trainer and nutritionist knows that constant and gentle effort performed in the pulse characteristic's to the scope of oxidative stability cause the most effective fat burn and builds endurance and at the same time. So how is that? Maybe riding an e-bike is even healthier and more beneficial for our body. Let's say that it is at least as good for our health and the form as riding a traditional bike but definitely gives more fun.

Cycling for a good health

The advantages of an electric bike for people undergoing rehabilitation with chronic pain associated with knee, hip or foot, convalescents after breakage and injuries and after cardiac or orthopedic surgery with stable coronary artery disease are indescribable. Riding an e-bike obviously often over shorter distances with full active electric support in many cases is the only possibility of physical activity to such persons. This is confirmed opinions by many doctors of different specializations.